Listened to the Guide of Medicine last week, more fantastic stuff. Seems like I really can't get enough of the Gervais crew. I think I own everything they've done, can't wait for the next audiobook, these guys keep me laughing through the day.

More for the K-Man... Quite a simple take on Karl's views really. I love how he questions everything, he has a little Carlin-esque approach to his logic. Through all the gobbledy-gook, he is so interesting and just funny as hell.

Here's an updated version of all 3 of them!


Unknown said…
Amazing Work Man!! You're extremely good! I love the Ricky Gervais podcasts and I found you on youtube from one of Ricky's links on his page. Keep it up man, you really have a gift! BTW, Karl looks brilliant! Such a round-headed little bastard - you captured his whole personality in a single facial expression.

Be well man...
Anonymous said…
Great work. Just stumbled across this on youtube and had to check out your other work