Finished Tribute to a fallen hero

People I'm close with know how important George Carlin was to me. Not only a very gifted performer, but he was such an influential thinker.

He had the entire package; amazing facial expressions, a master of timing, impressionist (more so in his earlier work) and an absolutely legendary grasp of the English language. He could paint a beautiful picture with his language, and also used that same ability to dissect it. He also dissected our humanly behaviors. Carlin always questioned authority, laws, popular sayings, beliefs/religion (thank you George), took no prisoners and no cautions in offending people. Whilst doing that, he could also bring people together like no other. He was fantastic at everyday observational humour, under the watch of his beautifully twisted eye.

He was the people's comedian on every level.

That's why I, and millions of others, love George Carlin. He was an undeniable legend who set the bar for all comedians, performers... hell even human beings in general. He was the truth. Again, here's to George, I'm sure I'll be contributing more to the man.